Youth seek ways to transform parishes

Besides the youth, four bishops, 35 priests and 40 religious from the region are attending the convention.

 Posted on June 2, 2012, 7:30 AM
Nuns dance with the youth during the convention

By I.P.Sarto

Some 1,000 young Catholics from West Bengal and Sikkim shared their faith experience at a convention now underway here.

Pravha Kumari Ekka from Bagdogra diocese said her mother who was seriously ill mother two years ago recovered “miraculously” after people prayed for her.

Two doctors gave her mother little chance for survival. ‘Out of desperation, I took her to the neighboring Small Christian Community during Gospel sharing. Their prayers influenced me,” she recalled at the May 30-June 2 convention.

Many youth shared their personal prayer experience, the Bible reading and reflection during the Taize prayer and the faith sharing session.

The theme of the convention was “Transformed by faith, transforming the world” that aims to foster networking, gender parity, employability and caring for the earth.

‘I am touched by the faith sharing experience of youth,” said Lorraine Soma Xess, 19, of Barasat parish of Calcutta Archdiocese.

Mathias Murmu, 24, from Raiganj diocese, said the convention has helped them gain personal religious experience.

Sanjay Thomas Roy, 24, from Calcutta urged the participants to tap the government departments for the religious minorities to solve their unemployment problem.

Lorraine Soma Xess, another youth participant, highlighted the need to educate people about the various government schemes and benefits for Scheduled Tribe Christians for education and for job allotment.

She said he would start an orientation for youth and people in her parish.

Xess and Roy, members of the Calcutta Archdiocesan youth Executive Committee, plan to visit other parishes too to share their learning on gender sensitivity and government facilities.

Archbishop Thomas D’Souza of Calcutta told the participants to use their potential to promote the welfare of the Church and society.

The youth also took out a rally to create social consciousness to “care for the earth” among the people of Durgapur steel town and planted trees to mark the occasion.

“The youth follow the example rather than precepts. Thus we will bring about a transformation in our homes and in our personal life,” said Ajit Marki, 29, from Raiganj.

Besides the youth, four bishops, 35 priests and 40 religious from the region are attending the convention.