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St Sebastian has become as important a part of the history of art as of the history of Christianity itself. Although originally depicted as an older, bearded man, the saint was soon depicted as an idealised, and even erotic, figure of a young man, tied to a tree and shot with arrows.

What we know of St Sebastian comes from the famous fourth-century Bishop of Milan, St Ambrose, who in a sermon stated that Sebastian came from the city and was celebrated there. He was popular with soldiers and athletes. As a result, he was presented as an image of the body beautiful and his medals were worn at sporting events.

According to later biographies of Sebastian, which may also come from Ambrose, the saint came from the province of Gallia Narbonesis, which roughly corresponds to the Languedoc, Provence and Rhone Valley. He was educated in Milan and came to be a captain in the Praetorian Guard under Diocletian and Maximian. The former was ferociously anti-Christian and Sebastian was at this point already of the faith (whether by birth or adoption we don’t know) which he kept a secret.

After encouraging Mark and Marcellian, two prisoners in his care who were facing execution for refusing to sacrifice to the empire, Sebastian then converted their parents and 76 other people. Among these were some important officials in Roman society. When word reached the emperor he was furious.

Sebastian was led to a field to be shot with arrows. It is said that the arrows filled his body, yet when his body was retrieved it was found that he was still alive. Taken to a Christian safe house, Sebastian performed a miracle by giving a girl back her sight and then, seeing the emperor in
the street, shouted abuse at him.

The emperor, unsurprisingly, had him killed, beaten to death and his body thrown into ancient Rome’s sewage system. Numerous miracles were attached to the young man and he was thought to protect from the plague, which began to ravage Italy as the light of ancient civilisation faded amid barbarian invasion and depopulation. Indeed, the Lombard king who deposed Roman rule was also a devotee.

His earliest representation appears at a mosaic in Ravenna dating from the mid sixth century. Another from Rome made in 682 shows an old man in a gown. The nude Sebastian only appeared towards the end of the Middle Ages as the Renaissance revived the civilisation of Rome

One can never undermine the influence of the mother in one’s life; it is great, and, how magnificent it would be influence of our heavenly mother has in each one’s life! God’s first promise to the humanity was of sending a saviour through the woman –mother Mary. And I always feel that the most blessed moment in a person’s life is the time when one receives or accept Jesus.  She accepted this on the day ofannunciation and I like to say when Mary accepted the call of God, this immediately transformed her into a very zealous, committed, and humble personon earth; no wonder why she ran to Elizabeth to assists her and to greet her inthat remote place .The first trimester pregnancy was rejuvenating to in her physical and spiritual life unlike the majority of the modern pregnant women!

What is 24 hr. Rosary?

In a nutshell, reciting rosary continually for 24hrs –bringing Our Lady’s intercession to fill us with Holy Spirit and to seek her protection to witness Christ in this challenging world. When we pray as a family the family is given a special grace and also protection through our lady. This prayer can start at any time of the day, have some preparation and the hosting family members need to take confession in preparation for this great prayer and also make sure we have the support of three or four friends to continue this 24rh prayer without a break. This prayer session can consist of;Bible reading, praise and worship, singing devotional songs, intercessory prayers and spontaneous prayers. This preparation and prayers bring miracles into our personal and family life; children receive special protection from all evil attacks.

Is it possible in our tight scheduled life?

Yes, without a pause. It started in December 2007 in a family in Newcastle, England and has been continually prayed every month in a catholic community consisting of 40 families. The abundant blessings and the miracles these chain prayers have resulted made many families to host these 24hr rosary prayers and now it has spread too many parts of the country. It is much important to have spiritual preparations of any kind to host this prayer.

Why rosary prayer is important?

As followers of Christ we are also called to bear and deliver His same spirit and mission and we achieve this with the help of Holy Spirit. When we pray Our Father, we glorify Him, call for all blessings, His protection and guidance for our daily life. The hardest bit is that we often fail to be with Him. This is why we constantly seek the intercession of Our Heavenly Mother to be filled with Jesus to bear fruit to be a spirited Christian to continue His mission earth. Sadly if we are not with Jesus we fail to fulfil our family/spiritual/occupational/social responsibilities as we need God’s constant knowledge and wisdom in our daily decision making times. Worldly things are changing daily but Jesus and His love never changes. Our parents and we have been praying the rosary continuously for all these ages and brought abundant blessings to everyone on this planet. The traditional evening family prayers – Rosary, Litany and the angelus were all prayers through the intercession of Our Lady.

We shall be vigilant to keep all our traditional prayers in our families and to pass on to our next generations to continue have our Lord’s blessings .if we   look  at the past, can anyone deny the wonderfulguidance God has been providing to us?


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Go into all world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation (Mk 16; 15). It  is  so  evident  that the Malayalee Catholics have settled down  across the  world  not  merely  for   livelihood,  rather  to  impart  the faith  and the cultural heritage acquired  in our early life. In this new arena, the  priority  has always been   to  search  for a  catholic church,  catholic  school, prayer groups/retreats to continue, and to bring up  our children in  the cream  catholic spirit.  We always prefer to remain as distinct community in following Christ regardless of our educational or living circumstances. Kerala Catholics have been blessed right across their life with   access to Christian educational institutions, exposures to different faith, cultural and linguistic groups, and skills to travel and integrate to different nationals. We have missionary  priests,  nuns, teachers,  doctors,  social  workers, IT professionals , nurses , chefs and many others from all walks of life directly  reach out to every  aspects  of  people’s life  in this modern world to share our  heavenly possessions (Luke 19:11-27 ).  God has specially made this army from time to time in spreading His kingdom from the East to the West.

The  strong  devotion  to Our Lady, Mass attendance, Family  bond and marital  stability  are  the  core to catholic life, and  even  in  this challenging as  well as in this  fascinating  world, most  of  us sacrifice a lot  to retain  these  spirits ,especially in a world  where the establishment of family   and spirituality  is constantly attacked by   aggressive secularism.

This website aims to help everyone to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit within us and also to witness Christ with our unique family and missionary life in the different walks of our life. Kindly share  your views and practice to  brighten this light  to  the world to know God better  through  ourselves .We shall offer  our  fasting  and  special prayers to the Lord of the harvest to send  out labourers into his harvest (Mt:9,38) for  this great mission.