Two cardinals see revival of family life

CWN – June 01, 2012

Two leading Catholic prelates offered optimistic views on the future of family life in presentations on May 31 to the 7th World Meeting of Families.

Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, the president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, told the gathering in Madrid the “normal families”—consisting of a husband, wife, and children—are “the happiest and also the most benefit to society.” Cardinal Antonelli noted with regret that in some societies these families “are becoming a minority, because they are penalized by the state and the marketplace.” However, he said, the health of the natural family is essential to an overall recovery from the worldwide economic troubles.

Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan, the host of the weekend gathering, said that he saw many signs of a renewed appreciation for healthy family life. Although there is “always a tendency to put the spotlight on the most problematic elements,” he said, countless couples are working valiantly to build a happy family life under difficult circumstances. He added that he had seen an increasing number of couples coming together with their parents, “trying to maintain a unity among their different generations,” in response to tight economic times.