Jayalalithaa credits Christian schooling for her progress

(Photo courtesy: pluzmedia.in)


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has said that she progressed in her life because of her schooling in Christian institutions.

“The education and virtues taught there are the reasons for my progress. What I learned there are aiding me even today and help me in facing any big responsibilities,” she said during a Christmas function in Chennai.

She said that she had attended Sunday Bible classes at the Bangalore school and therefore had knowledge of all stories said in it.

The chief minister also recalled her schooling at Bishop Cotton in Bangalore and Holy Angels and Church Park Convents in Chennai.

“They preach the morals required for daily life and I am proud to say I have followed them,” she said.

She also thanked the teachers in her schools for helping her with a “strong foundation.”

The Chief Minister, who cut a big cake to mark the occasion, said Lord Jesus had preached love even to foes and urged one and all to follow it.