China’s Communist party mouthpiece stresses need for spiritualism

The People’s Daily said that without a strong enough spiritual support, any great power will neither last nor be accepted by the world.

Beijing: Without strong spiritual support, a great power like China won’t last long, the Communist party’s People’s Daily said Friday.

In a commentary on the life and death of a bus driver, the People’s Daily said “the rise of a great power does not mean only the economic miracle and material civilization.

Without a strong enough spiritual support, a great power will not last and will not be recognized and accepted by the world.”

The daily was commenting on the manner bus driver Wu Bin died on a busy expressway.

A piece of metal pierced his body but he switched on the hazard lights and gave safety tips to the passengers before breathing his last.

Since then, Wu has come to be venerated in China as the “hero driver”.

People’s Daily said: “The sympathy of souls is more powerful than the cold exchange of interests and is a footstone for the platform of trust and a foundation of the harmonious development, whether in the interpersonal relations or international relations.

“The current China is a diversified China. While the economy is developing rapidly and the social transformation is accelerating, some moral and spiritual problems have also appeared in the Chinese society.

“If a country can touch people by its spiritual elements, it will definitely have a lot of friends and be respected and admired by others.”